There's A Monster Under Your Roof!
There's A Monster Under Your Roof!
There's A Monster Under Your Roof!
Ice Dams

Ice DamsIf you live in a climate where the snow comes down as the winter blows in, your home may be in Ice Dam danger.

Here's what happens. It snows and your roof is covered with snow. It might look pretty at first, but underneath a destructive force may be building. Without proper ventilation in your roof, your roof deck may not stay cold. When that happens, the snow at the top melts. As it does, the water runs down towards the bottom of your roof.

However, the snow at the bottom hasn't melted yet! That melted snow has nowhere to go, so it simply pools up behind this "ice dam" that's now formed at the bottom of your roof. That pooled water soaks into your shingles, into your attic, and eventually into your ceiling.

It's messy, but it can be avoided.

With proper roof ventilation, as attic air warms up, it rises and exits the vents. As it leaves, it is replaced by cold outside air entering the roof through the intake vents. This whole process helps keep your roof deck cold, which prevents the dangerous ice dam.

Avoid the treacherous ice dam and the havoc it can wreak on your roof and ceiling. Get an Attic Attack Assessment before it's too late!

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