There's A Monster Under Your Roof!
There's A Monster Under Your Roof!
There's A Monster Under Your Roof!
Fried Shingles

Fried ShinglesOne thing you don't want to see on the menu is fried shingles.

What's a fried shingle? It's just like it sounds. It's a condition when your shingles are literally fried on your roof. When it happens they become cracked and can split. When that happens, they aren't protecting your roof like they should.

Your shingles get fried by the extreme exposure to the sun. But you might wonder why it doesn't happen to everyone. The answer is that the sun alone doesn't do it. Fried shingles are a combination of sunlight and poor attic ventilation. If your roof has inadequate ventilation, it traps the warm air right underneath your shingles. Your shingles simply "cook" from the top and the bottom (sort of like an over easy egg).

Before you know it, your roof is a cracked mess, and it's just asking for water to seep in.

Your shingles protect you day in and day out. Don't fry them!

Get an Attic Attack Assessment today and make sure your home has the ventilation it needs to keep everything over your head intact.

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